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Monday, 18 April 2016


Some of you might be thinking,'why is this stupid girl posting this here'. well, I am pretty scared to talk yo people about this cause people might not believe me. so, this is the only place where I have the guts to say this out loud.

 I was a very happy kid in middle school or should I say primary school. I'm a Sikh kid who loved going to school. I didn't have a lot of friends. I basically had 4 bestfriends. 2 were Indian,1 was a Sikh who was like me(he was not bullied at all)  the other one was a Malay. Everything was perfect. Then, it all started in grade 4 or standard 4.  As  I stated, I’m a Sikh.We are not allowed to cut or shave our hair. We have to keep our body intact as what god gave us since our birth till our death. So,this was what lead to my bulling story. My hair was as long as a snake. Even longer than a snake. The length of my hair reached my ankle. But it was unknowticable because I braid my hair when I go to school.

 A few boys who were in 6th grade or standard 6 use to call a lot of names such as 'cows tail,horse poop,snake hair'... :(
I went through a lot of depression. They even use to pull my hair in public.I even went for killing myself by cutting my wrist but then I realied that that will be a very bad mistake...
I took it for a year and then they finally stopped. I was a very hapy kid after that.

This is all for now. Pllssss do not leave any bad comments.. byeeeeeee J

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